1131 Future Mall

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  1. Heya guys,

    This is JMB and I was just wanting to say that me and ninjasteve1996 are planning something for SMP1, which is a mega mall. Well why a mega mall? Well, just let me say there are many malls out there, but this one is Cheap, Well designed, and in good hands.

    We are looking for some donations and need your help!

    Donations (Besides Dirt) - Depends on Block/Quantity

    JMB6362 - Block Support+Builder

    Coal Donations (100r-499r) -

    Iron Donations (500r-999r) -

    Gold Donations (1000r-4999r) -

    Redstone Donations (5000r-7999r) -

    Diamond Donations (8000r-9999r) -

    Emerald Donations (10000r+,Supreme Donor, FREE all access pass to 1131 mall (Even when closed) -

    I really hope people help out, we just started building and we have the first floor done! I can't wait until we finish and stock everything/open the mall!

    Current Jobs Assigned

    ninjasteve1996 - Manager, Design Assistant, Building/Plot Owner, Customer Support

    JMB6362 - Design Manager, Manager, Builder, Maintenance Support, Customer Support

  2. I'd hate to be negative, but I honestly think it'd be better to try another server. SMP1 has like, what.. ~15 megamalls? I don't think it needs another. HOWEVER, there are other servers with only 1-4 which another megamall would be more profitable :)
  3. I can help out with it. :) what can i help with?