11148 Enchanted Mining Inc.

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  1. At 11148 on SMP5 I'm currently hosting an enchant shop featuring enchanted pickaxes and tools neccasary for holding long mining trips at prices that accept that you can easily make large amounts of progit off of.

    In stock
    • Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Diamond pickaxe (The Hasty Spike) x2 for 1750r each
    • Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Silk touch I Diamond pickaxe (The Soft Claw) x1 for 3250r each
    • Efficiency IV Unbreaking III Fortune III Diamond pickaxe (The Ore Whacker)
    Soon we will come out with shoels, swords, mining torches, and mining armour (Appropriated for problems you will most likely encounter when mining in a cave environment. Mining sets will soon be up for auction.
  2. Sounds cool, I'll be picking a few mining picks up for my next project this weekend.