1111th days on the Empire! AMA

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  1. Hey Guys,
    Today I just saw that I am 1111 days on the Empire!!
    The time goes so fast!

    I might do a give-away later :)

    If you have a question for me, I'll try to answer everything!

    Thank you so much for this amazing time on EMC!

  2. Congratz Pascal! :D
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  3. Congrats, How many dragon eggs do you have?
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  4. I currently have 5 dragon eggs =D
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  5. Do you own an ICC Eggnog?
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  6. Yup, I own a ICC Eggnog :)
  7. Me too :D
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  8. No fair I'm 1060 days on the empire and I have 0 zero zip zilch rupees xD
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  9. Congrats and Do you Like trains?
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  10. Well I kinda like them, not like OMG I LOVE THIS TRAIN *give it a lick*
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  11. YaY Partay!! 1111 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!

    Can you breakdance? :O
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    I really wish I could breakdance :I
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  13. Congrats on 1111 days Pascal. :)
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  14. Congratz on 1111 days! What is your favorite EMC promo/special item?
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  15. My favorite promo is the Orebuster =D
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  16. Any other questions? :)