1111 Mall Opening Info [Giant Diamond Giveaway]

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  1. 2012-10-05_18.51.23.png
    Dispenser Will Shoot With Diamonds & Exp Bottles
    We will open at 8:00 PM GMT 1+
    18 Stack Diamonds
    27 Stacks Exp Bottles
    Will Be Given Out From The Dispenser
    SMP 1
    Residence #1111
    Be There!
  2. Is it today?

  3. Yes in 63 minuts!
  4. sweet see you there
  5. I suggest postponing it until later tonight, because in the "American" timezones, a lot of us will be in school. It would be a shame if the server wasnt full:/
  6. We are 37 on smp1
    so it's well filled :)
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  7. so it's still in about an hours time
  8. Well... I totally didnt notice the part about how it is on smp1:p Mega fail:)
  9. Yes
  10. what timezone you?
  11. Nice! Finally a give away i can be at! I will be there and buy all your lapis lazuli :p
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  12. I, will join this. Now.
  13. Gather Up
    We are open soon!
  14. Just open now... :p
  15. Diamonds XD
  16. Epic job, Faith!
  17. Great giveaway faith, i got 44 diamonds!
  18. here you go faith: