1111 Enchanting Store Orders

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    Fill Out This Form
    Item :
    Enchantment :

    Please Only Have 4 Items In Progress
    Cancelling An Order = 14 Days Ban From This Service

    Pick Up Guide
    Go To Residence 1111
    Find The Pick Up Teleport
    Pull The Lever & Buy Your Item
  2. I Got My Whole Thread Cleaned Up By Twitch1
    Please Try To Stay On Topic
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  3. Also A Little Add

    Don't Fill The Thread With " When Is My Order Done "
    PM Me Here At Forum For More Info About Your Order Progress :)
  4. How much would a eff I wood shovel cost?
  5. We Wont Do Wood
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  6. how much would a fire aspect sword be faith
  7. Fire Aspect II Cost 1400
  8. How much is a Looting III and Unbreaking III sword?
  9. Unbreaking III Dosen't Exist On Swords

    Looting III 2900-'
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  10. Wow Faith these are some very nice prices. :D
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  11. Since you can't get Power V on 1.3, I will change my order to Power IV Infinity I Bow.
  12. How bout adding sharpness IV and Highest Knockback to that sword?
  13. HylianNinja

    Item : Bow

    Enchantment : Power IV & Infinity I

    Status : In Progress

    Price : 4200
  14. So Looting III Sharpness IV Knockback II ?
    That one will be 7000
  15. Ok how about a gold shovel with unbreaking I?
  16. Diamond Please :)
  17. Item: Diamond Shovel
    Enchantment: Efficiency 4 Unbreaking 3
  18. PotatoAura

    Item : Diamond Shovel

    Enchantment : Efficiency IV & Unbreaking III

    Status : In Progress

    Price : 1820
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  19. item: diamond shovel
    enchantment: efficiency 3 unbreaking 3
  20. Item: Diamond Spade
    Enchantment: Silk Touch