10881 Mark II; Buy and Sell Like Eager Beavers!

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  1. Hello,

    Some of SMP5 may recall my previous giant wooden citadel of a shop. While as a fanciful notion purely, this sounds quite appealing, even now, it was very jumbled and often people would leave without buying anything simply because they could not find what they were looking for.

    No longer!

    This new shop, still at 10881 (built in the basement of the old construction in fact) should be simple enough to allow easy navigation. The wall above buys and sells all common blocks (bar Endstone by sheer virtue of amnesia) in various denominations.

    Upstairs at the back, minerals. Prices are of course subject to change according to market.

    Here, I buy (and sell) mob drops, specifically aimed at those who grind of course. With any luck I'll do my best to empty chests regularly, and then panic when I have twenty chests of Rotten Flesh that I've consciously purchased.

    Downstairs simply stocks wool and redstone equipment, including rails.

    Lastly we have enchantments; the whole left side here is solely highly enchanted spades, aimed at those who have dirt to clear. If I am online consider haggling, since prices of enchanted items are quite difficult to judge at present.

    Regardless, I hope my humble (wood floors) business is of use to some of you, whether small fry or big. Bear in mind that no price is set in stone, and if something seems outlandish, don't hesitate to inform me!

    Thanks, and happy shopping!
  2. I'm sorry if the images do not load or simply malfunction in some way; it was far easier for me to upload them to my own website than to create an account on an image-hosting site, though I'm not sure how it will work for others.