10314 & 11664 project

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  1. Hey all,
    On my two residences, 10314 and 11664, I am undergoing (is that the word?) a project. Part of this project will include a maze (inspired by the /fun on smp3. Or it it smp4?). But, when I tried building a maze, I failed (The exit was really obvious).
    So, I have decided to hire someone to make it for me.
    But, If possible, I would like the maze to be underground (to save space on my res 11664) and made out of leaves.
    Because I'm so picky about the maze, I will pay 2,000 rupees to the person who completes it.
    (I'm sorry about all of the brackets!)
    Lottie1664 out!
  2. I remember /fun on SMP3 :rolleyes:
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  3. ive never really been any good at mazes :/ srry