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Would a database of shops be useful so you don't have to look all over town for an item?

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Yes, I want a place to find good shops so I don't have to make a bother on chat. 5 vote(s) 62.5%
No, I already know where good shops and other businesses are. 4 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. Hey guys. I am an acquaintance of mercenarycrow and i volunteered to do this. If you have a res on SMP1 or are on it frequently there is a chance you have heard of a project called the 1010 info center. If you are on a different SMP or haven't been on lately the 1010 info center is a building with a list of different kinds of shops and other businesses with teleports to them. It is free to register your business but it is a non-profit still in construction so we need your help Empire community. For now, they need 2 things, rupees and smooth sand stone. To donate blocks there is a hopper inside and to donate rupees send them to mercenarycrow. This is not for sure but there may be info centers on other servers so we may need to have diamond and gold supporters lend a res. I am already planning to lend one so we need 7 volunteers. This is not for sure but may happen after construction of the one on SMP1. Send money to mercenarycrow and donate blocks at 1010 on smp1. Thanks!
  2. Progress is being made so check it out!
  3. Olaf_C, are you the "Leader" of 1010? Or is it someone else? I want to talk to whoever is in charge of 1010.
  4. Mercenarycrow is. I am just a "helper".
  5. Oh, Lol. Alright.
  6. The owner of 1010 is Jewlzchu, but that's my girlfriend's account I use as an alt on EMC. I'd prefer all monetary donations be made to that account: Jewlzchu.

    What we need at this time is actually Smooth Stone in great quantities, and perhaps Oak Logs.