100th Day on Empire! Thank you everyone on the journey!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wisepsn, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. (Btw, I did a drop party for my celebration, which was great for everyone. Rosy2696 said that they had 2 slots in there inventory left! It was amazing!)

    I would like to thank these people for this awesome experience, journey, and for helping me lead the way.

    JustinGuy ( Making the awesome server! ), JackBiggin (Being a helpful person and helping me with Macros Keybind Mod :p ), Silken Thread and M4nic_M1ner (Awesome people with great inventions on the business market and marketplace, and for the Quartz Express!), Equinox_Boss (Agreeing with most I said on the forums!), Mystul ( For just being "epic"), Todd_Vinton (Amazing shop at 413 and being a great shop owner), and most importantly, GotFreshCookies (The guy who plays and helped me through ALL the way of the server, being a great friend, and for eating cookies!)

    If I forgot anyone, I am truly sorry. I should be thanking EVERYONE on the empire for this journey, It just felt like it was yesterday when I joined the Empire!

    I would also like to thank ALL the staff for your amazing work! Thank you everyone on helping me on this incredible journey! I hope that I make even more friends and duos to help me!