100th Day on EMC :D

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  1. Well, this is to celebrate my 100th day on EMC (really, when this was posted, it was my 108th). Anyway, being here 100 days has really taught me a lot. How kind people are. I remember logging in on October 11, 2012, and getting that warm welcome. "Hello adsingh, and welcome to EMC!" Now that I look back on it, I just shed a tear. I claimed a res, and, well, will you believe it, built a huge wall around my res. That wall hasn't changed 1 bit, as a constant reminder of my first day on EMC and the some 9 stacks of cobble that went into the wall. Then, I realized that many people had shops, so I decided to make one of my very own. So, I built it, and priced dirt at 1 dirt for 20r. Now, what happened next really was a testament to how nice people are, so someone was actually nice enough to buy an entire half-stack of it for 640r. Then, they informed me of normal economy prices. Of course, I was inspired by the Empire Shop and its 30,000r 64 stack TNT to price my dirt so high. Ah, those were really the good old days (for me at least). Well, that concludes my lecture!

    Oh yeah, one more thing, thanks to all that really got me started on EMC, gave me some helpful pointers, and just really seemed like you cared. I am really grateful and thankful to have people like you in the world.
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