100th day AMA!

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  1. I will tell you the story of my first days in Empire Minecraft.

    One day, I had purchased a minecraft account, Cordial_Pie. I was having issues trying to get listed for the servers, so I told myself I would try again tomorrow, and it worked! The server I had chosen was Smp2 and my first few days there were very successful. By day 10 I had 400k ( people believe I have an alt ), and my residence was more progressed than my days had shown. There were 2 very nice people that helped me when I first joined, they were Southpark347 and Steven7485. From then on I became more wildly known throughout the servers, mostly Smp1 and Smp2, and possibly Utopia. I had met many nice mods, admin, and senior staff, the most memorable being aikar and that once he demolished my residence. I am now at the 100th day in my journey on EMC, and I hope to stay much longer!

    The End.

    :eek: Oh no! A wall of text! Please read it anyways.

    So Ask Me Anything!

    *I reserve the right to not answer a question*
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  2. Do you even lift?!
  3. What is your favorite res (other than any of your own) to be on??
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  4. Steven7485 btw. :p And Ok Zoe.

    What the people say.... Or is it code?
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  5. Darn it! Lol
    Is Minecraft your favorite video game?
  6. Doth thou even hoist?
    Yes, yes I do.
  7. Any residence that has a lot of blocks placed 1-3 blocks apart. I just like to jump around residences.
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  8. Man, you have accomplished so much more than me, and I've been here like 3x as long as you XP

    How did you manage to get 400k in 10 days?
  9. What is your favorite flavor of pie?
  10. Exactly what I was thinking... I have not even a fourth that and I'm just coming up on a year O.O
  11. lol I am 3x older than him and I barely reached 19k a week ago <.<
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  12. Same here, not even to 100k yet :p
  13. *her
  14. Heck Im older thanALL of you, and I'm still dirt poor! :p
    Now my question: Why Cordial_Pie? Why not Awesome_Pie? Or Insane_Pie?
  15. Nor am I, I should be, but I'm not. I could be awful close if I quit spending and donating to every single cool thing I see or hear about... I'm trying to cut back, but it's so hard :oops:
  16. Lol... CAN U DONATE TO MEH jk
  17. If there's a good reason yes. No sorry.
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  18. Lol
  19. Yes.
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