[100k+ Job] Build me a super rare item museum

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  1. Hello All! As many of you know I own 14006 on smp7 which is a promo/rare museum, but I have encountered a unique problem, I am out of room on my event Item floor. So to fix this I am looking to build a separate rare item museum.t.

    How to Enter:
    To be considered for this job you must start a pm with me with the title "Building Entry (username)" on this pm you must include some of your past builds in am imgur album. Once I have a person I think would be good, I will pm you and see if you are still interested in building it. I will then ask you to build a museum on a creative server, after a few critiques I will have you build it on my spawn res on smp7.

    What I'm Paying:
    I am paying 100k with bonuses as we go (when my last museum was built I ended up paying about 100k in bonuses for efficiency and being a cool guy.

    Please only use your own builds. Once completed your head will get placed by the entrance for the museum.
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  2. Reserved
  3. BUMP I have some great PM's so far, I will be responding tomorrow.
  4. OK guys sending out PM's now I think I have found my builder.