1004 Goods/Enchanting Store [SMP1]

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  1. Hello Everybody

    I have recently made a store @ 1004 on smp1.

    I sell these Items:
    Slime- 25r
    Slime Stack- 1600r
    GlowStone- 17r
    GlowStone Stack- 1088r
    Diamond- 40r
    Lapis- 2r
    Lapis 16- 32r
    Iron- 6r
    Iron 4- 24r
    Gold 8r
    Redstone 8- 5r
    Coal 8- 8r
    Blaze Rod-5r
    Blaze Rod 64- 320r
    Log Stacks- 80r
    Emerald- 40r
    Wood Plank Stack- 20r
    Villager- 100r
    Stone 32- 25r
    Glass Stack- 50r
    Glass 16- 14r
    Many Items To Come

    OutOfStock Items:

    Items I will Sell in Future:
    Bottle Of Enchanting
    Melon & Pumpkin
    Maybe Some Ores

    Might Set Up a Sell Your Items Area Too

    Enchanting Store:
    I also have an enchanting business with terry.
    Everything Is Diamond
    We sell a large amount of enchanted items. We Don't Take Order. But have many to sell.
    All Enchanted Swords 1k & Under
    Many Picks for Under 2k, some even going for 400r. Some With Fortune/Silk that have unbreaking are worth more though.
    All Armour For 2k & Under
    Bows- None In Stock @ the moment but if u want some (Say Below)
    Axes & Spades- We Dont Have many axes & spades but we will sell for around 300r-3k
    Because of High Demand on some items for example Looting III Swords and Silk Touch with Unbreaking III these will cost a bit more

    Auctions: My Next Auction Will By Called, "Come At Me Creeper"

    I Hope U Have A Vist 1004 If u need these items :D
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  2. This Will be edited for Updates!

    Wood LOGS:80r a stack (Oak, Jungle, Birch etc)

    Emeralds:40r each

    Diamond: 40r each (Buying 35r each)

    Also: Deals available: Unbreaking III Picks 300r each!
    We have a 2x Fortune 3, EFF IV, Unbreaking III for 5k, Please PM us to purchase.
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  3. Everyone check this out
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  4. Items Are Going Quick!
  5. Just Stocked Some Items Be Sure to Check This Store Out!
  6. Say coffee, could I be a shop supplier?
  7. What do you have to offer?
  8. I have a couple of stacks of diamond, a stack of emerald, stacks of iron, stacks of stone, and pretty much stacks of everything you can get from the wild. (With the exception of clay and whatever clay makes. I'm paranoid after an incident with it e.e)

    For a few examples-
    Diamonds will be sold to you at 30r each.
    Emeralds at 20r each.
    Iron at 4r each.
    Redstone at a stack for 20.
    Coal at a stack for 20.
    etc etc.

    I also have quite a few enchanted items. (level 15+ enchants, considering pulling everything out of my furnaces already puts me at level 16 usually)
  9. Yeah Ill set up a sign for you at 30r each for the diamond. It would be great also if you can help restock the wood!
    Emeralds....we will see. none have sold yet so...
    Yeah you will have to see what coffee thinks about the coal, iron and redstone!
  10. yeah. Probably going to do my first supply run to your shop tomorrow, considering that it takes me about 40 min to get from my home back to the wilderness outpost with swiftness potions/boats o.e
  11. also can probably sell you about 25ish stacks of slime balls for 20r each slime. (Just found a chest that I had hidden away in the dungeons XD)
  12. we don't need slime sox
  13. Go online my brother
  14. i have set up some areas for u to sell me stuff just go to the well stocked shop tp
  15. Everyone i have reduced the prices on so many Enchanted Items :D
  16. I thought 25r Slime Would sell quick :(
  17. 17r GlowStone Now :D
  18. Emeralds! 40r each Hurry!! Only a few stacks left!
  19. Now Selling Villager Eggs for 100r!