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  1. Ok So this has to be well structured and stuff, umm and yea, screw that

    I realised this is my 1000th post. So yea, thats it, didn't want to have to miss it and wait another 1000 posts.

    Fun fact: Whilist typing this, every time I have typed 1000, I have accidentally typed 100 instead

    Edit: That was really lame, lemme continue it

    So I've met a lot of people through my EMC time, and Ill do a brief history of my time here, which you know may or probably isn't noteworthy enough to be on the EMC timeline.

    Februrary 13th 2013: My friend Buildthiscity219 (now Alchemyst19 although his sister uses BTC) shows me the server, and I enjoy it a lot, us digging a big open hole in my res for a Zoo!

    Februrary 15th 2013: I invite my friend CrittCo to the server, he gets a res next to me and builds an auto farm

    About 58 Days later: I tear down the zoo, without resetting the res, as my storage is massive. I start building a Marketplace (Still a wip)

    30-60 days later: Jcplugs asks me to organize her storage, and while it takes me about 3 hours to do so, she pays me 20k (which until then was about as much as I had ever had, EVER) This is something I continue to do today, but as the job is much smaller, it only pays about 1/4th of that

    A couple days later: Kevdudeman asks me to tear down 3600 glass blocks in the sky and place them up even higher

    Some time later: Survival Update, I kill a marlix with Equablehook624, and get 10ish diamonds

    About two weeks after: HurferDurfer1 donates 50k+ to me and I create a donation wall just for that


    So here are some people that I'd like to thank for making my time here even more amazing!

    Jcplugs/Jcpugs/other assorted jcplugs alts
    All teh staffs! (especially Dwight and Crazy, who reluctantly went along with me confusing them near the beggining of my EMC career)
    And anyone else I forgot that are amazing, my dearest apologies, but this line is for you
    Those who haven't been mentioned in any of the above categories
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    I congratulate you, sir!
  3. I feel kind of obsessed now...
  4. Congrats! Forums right now is an addiction to me, and I'm also trying to get to 1000th post. :)
  5. Completely awesome addition to the OP, feel free to read :D
    Edit: 1001
  6. what about me? we were twins man :(
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