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  1. just wanted to see how many people there are that have posted over 1000 times, so far i've only seen 3 non admins including myself
  2. I am close I have around 700
  3. only like 250 for me :( but I've only really started posting a lot recently. And what I'm more interested in is everyone's like-to-post ratios. Here's the formula: (# of Likes) / (# of Posts).

    My ratio is 1.12 :)
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  4. Jordan. my brain can't function so. LOL. i have no idea how you got that. not in the least bit. hahaha
  5. wait, never mind. i got it. 383 site posts, and 248 likes :)

    1.54 :) i am higher than you, is that good? LOL
  6. Other way around :( .65 That was just about my ratio before I started the MineCast... that did a LOT
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  7. i completely suck at math. :( even though that wasn't much more than a calculator thinking the answer... it took me a minute to figure it out. i fail.
  8. oh crap. :( lol... see i told you i suck at this stuff.
  9. I'm at 932
    now 933
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  10. I kinda miss the days when I was the only Non-Automaton with over 1,000 posts. :(
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  11. 42.3%....
    I'm so saddening. But I do have 1,179 posts.
  12. So, for awhile I was in the 90% percentile of like/post ratio.. but.. at some point.. they just dropped down. But I am ok with that.
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  13. Don't worry, with a little good will, we can all get you back up! XD
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  14. im still 85%.. and thats nothing to laugh at with 1754 posts :p
  15. You had less posts than me like... a week ago.

    I think you may be a hacker.
  16. Yes.

  17. MR2R2M here, the first non staff 1000 post postee....
  18. SecretAznEks here, the first...
    Secret with 1000 posts. :D
  19. Are their non-supporters with over 1000 posts?
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  20. Ya, copherfield, Mrlegitslegit, and nnnnmc1, to name a few. (copher may be diamond, but only cause he won the membership.)