1000 days AMA

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  1. I was recently informed that I have surpassed 1000 days on EMC. So to celebrate(?), I'm going to have an AMA.

    I would tell you a bit about myself and my time on EMC, but I can't be bothered (that probably tells you enough :p).

    So, if you have any random questions, just ask away!
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  2. Do you ever plan to continue with DynWave?
  3. Uh... I have no idea :p
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  4. Is Sunstreak your Frankenstein project?
    Croissant is awesome?
    Are you and nfell2009 Santa Clauses?
    Am I really one heck of a chatty person?
  5. Yes.
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  6. Will you marry me?
  7. No.
  8. But... but... but...
  9. Want moar question?
    "Estonia has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world." Fact or propaganda?
  10. Uh, I'm going to say fact?
  11. What is the Max XP you have ever earned on EMC in 1 day?
    I mean #XP increase in 24 hours, not total.
  12. Less than you :p

    I honestly have no idea, it's probably not much though :p
  13. Congrats on a 1000 days mba2012. :)
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  14. Thanks :D
  15. Random Bump.

    Also, you can read some random stuff about me on the meet the teams page on the wiki.
  16. What laptop did I got for Christmas?
    Who's Tails?
    Why is your skin exact copy of someones skin?
    1. Uh, no idea.
    2. Again, no idea :p
    3. No it's not >.>
  17. ((YES))
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  18. Grats on 1000 days! What's your favorite food (IRL and on MC)?
  19. Thanks.

    Favourite food IRL is probably something asian :p
    In MC it's cooked pork chops.