100 words of randomness!

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  1. In 100 words or less, create a random story. Then, judge the person before you on a 1 to 10 scale.
    The story can't be something like "Potato bob ice cream dirt sword creeper ssssss boom". It has to be an actual story.
    My story?
    There once was a hamburger named Steve. He was a very good burger, but his other friend Kirby the elephant was a troublemaker. Kirby was always playing pranks like putting glue on the toilet seats and placing saran wrap on the doors. One day, Kirby splattered mustard all over Steve. "WHY?? I HATE mustard! We are not friends anymore!!"
    The end.
  2. There Once was an Ugly Barnacle, he was sooo ugly that everyone died. The end.
    In 100 words or less, I choose the less part. Adders is a 9/10 because it involved toilets.
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  3. :p I remember that from Spongebob!
  4. LEEEEEEEEOY, JENNNNNNNNKINS. [COLOR#2a2a2a] Story of my life. [/COLOR]
  5. When you have posted over 1000 messages, you're worse than Taylor Swift
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  6. ......
    Without further adieu, I will present my story. Also 10/10 because it is in my sig.
    In the magical land of Ice Cream, there was a cat named Soda. Now, Soda was no ordinary cat. He was a special cat that loves cows and loves Coca-Cola. But one day his arch-enemy Milkshake decided to shake up 1,000 cans of Pepsi then have them explode next to Soda's house. Nothing happened, as Milkshake forgot to take the lids off the cans.
    The end.
  7. In the land of unicornia, there was a horse, named strawberry, and did I mention the land was in the sky? And the horse was thought as a pony, found out as a horse, and got thrown off.

    The End :p
  8. Don't you mean my status?
  9. Look straight down about 0.5 inches.
  10. look about 0.2 in to the right of Swift.