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  1. Well, I just hit 100 likes here. Thanks to everybody who likes what I post! As many others have done, I'm giving out 100R for 100 likes. As Kells18 made my hundredth like, she is now the proud owner of 100 more rupees. Here's to many more posts and likes on the forums! :D

    EDIT: Since I have 100 likes, I'm now a Well-Known Member. And thanks for the congratulations, guys!
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  2. Congrats.
  3. I have 114 likes! Thanks all to a guy... can't remember the name, but he liked my stuff around 20 times!
  4. By chance was it Crazy1808? :D:p
  5. actually, yes. Crazy 1080 and crazy1800
  6. Congratz on hitting 100.
  7. I have only 1187 more likes then you.
  8. make that 1193 more likes!:p
  9. First of all I thought Space was leaving because his parrents thought TerryDaTerrorist was a bad thing lol.. And he was wiping his computer and was only allowed to do SSP..
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  10. cool! i need 2 points for well-known member, anyone have a friend who will be referred by me? ;)
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  11. if you look at the date he posted them, you can notice that this was posted before that thread.
  12. Don't know who this crazy1808 is but I sure know about crazy1080 and crazy1800 :p
  13. those 2 points will haunt you, been so close to well-known lol owell not that far from 250 likes
  14. Only noobs can't Well-Known Member.
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  15. lol, I am well-known!
  16. Oh gosh.. I'm in for it now, I typoed his name... This isn't the first time, either. :eek:
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  17. Haha, he won't let you down for it :p
  18. True story.