100% Free Intro's for Youtube!

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  1. Hey guys Ace here and well I've been using adobe after effects for some time now and i was wondering if anybody here on empire minecraft would like an intro?

    How do you get an intro?: (Do the following and you can recieve one!)

    - Subscribe to my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/StrangeAceGaming

    - PM me on youtube saying/asking what you would like to see on it NOTE: I don't have Cinema 4D so i CANNOT make moving minecraft characters, chicken, zombies, enderman, etc.

    - On youtube you have 2 options, to hide who you subscribe to and show who you subscribe to, Please have this set to show as it will help me verify you are subscribed to my channel! Otherwise it will take longer to recieve your intro.

    - Msg me your Minecraft IGN's (in case people wanted them in their intro)

    Time for some examples of intro's i made for me and a friend:



    I appreciate your time to read this and i hope you enjoy your day/night whenever you read this thread :)
  2. Also if you can link me a song that you would like to use in your intro that would be nice if you can tell me with the PM
  3. Very nice!
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  4. there is another option to make another's channel a featured channel instead of showing every channel that person is subscribed to so if I wanted an intro and did it your way your channel would of been a part of 50 other ones (i subscribe too much) the feature channel option is alot better just letting you know
  5. Alright thanks, i don't really pay attention to youtube much anymore as it changes too much, i get really familiar with one layout then they switch its just in my opinion its easier to find the show subscribers easier instead of going to feature everything
  6. Thank you very much!
  7. Erm... I think this allowed. It's not advertising a product, it's selling yourself to the people who read this thread. #justsaying...
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  8. He's trying to get you to sub to him, and I have seen people's threads get shut down for trying to get people to sub :p
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    My answer to both topics lol. :p
  10. Well i guess if it gets taken down its my fault, i forgot about that :\ not that its a big deal i guess, well thanks for warning me about that and if the thread gets taken down ill make sure to not do that again