100 Days Later of EMC.... ASK ME ANYTHING!

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  1. Its been 100 days for me on EMC and I just wanted to be like everyone else and make a thread where you can ask me things. :p
    Ask away!
  2. Warning, this is a VERY bad idea.
  3. Bring it on.
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  4. What is your shoe size. Why does my back hurt. What is the point of spelling right? Whatbis a question mark. Are you mad that you cant read my words. Whybis that. Howbdo you post a repile. Do you have facebook. Or twitter. Or youtube.
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  5. 7 1/2. Because it hurts. To get intoa good college. A question mark is this ?. Nope, I can read your words perfectly. Because I can. Click the reply button. No. No. No.
  6. Just got burned!
  7. Anymore questions?
  8. What special ability does each mob do?
  9. Level Easy, Complete.
  10. ~~~Medium Incomplete~~~
  12. Y do u likes dem piggts. Waht deos shot meh wohpps mehan. Y do us likes a cats if us li,ez deem piggtes. Cn u trasatel every tingle words iven saides.
  13. What's your favourite colour? Car? Food? Animal? Time of the day? Which is better... Summer or Winter? What's more important....brains or beauty? What's better...cake or pie? Would you rather be scratched by a cat or bitten by a dog? Would you rather eat a whole raw fish (scales and all) or a dirty worm? Which is worse....broccoli or brussel sprouts? Chocolate or ice-cream? Would you rather play in the snow or at the beach? Which is worse...bad breath or B.O.? What's the best book you ever read? Best movie? Would you rather arrive early but leave things un-done, or finish up and arrive late? What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
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  14. WRONG!!! What is their ability to try to kill us?
  15. Pigs are BEAST
    I can't understand you
    I like pigs and cats equally
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  16. Orange
    Sleepy time
    scratched by a cat
    dirty worm
    brussel Sprouts
    Ice cream
    at the beach
    Going Bovine
    ZombieLand :D
    Finish up and arrive late
    I'd rather not say, but fine. I jumped off a swing 30 feet high and cracked a couple of ribs and had a concussion.
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