100 Days, A.M.A and a Party!

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  1. Hey guys, so we all knew this was going to happen, right?

    If you didn't guess, I AM 100 EMC DAYS OLD!

    Thanks to these fabulous people!:
    FaustLauncher - first Moderator I met :)
    Mistromouse22 - first friend I made here!
    IcecreamCow - epic admin/cow!
    NurseKilljoy - always there to help me when I need, came to my party :p

    Riley9881 }- They've all been a great help to me!
    Gabby_Gravy - helped me trick littlechick111 (littlechick111 is a RL friend :p )
    yusei10123 - although almost never on, and banned, he was a great help to me.
    Terr - worshipping to the goddess of maps (inside joke)!
    TerryDaTerrorist - awesome help to me!
    JackBiggin - such a great friend to me, and so helpful!
    SuperVal_Junior - when I first met him online, he was so friendly!
    IamSaj - helped me at PPO outpost!
    AlexChance - PERTHIAN FTW!
    hayleycolgan - helping me on the forums :p
    Silken_thread - always having great shop prices for his wool, when I was working on Candy Land :)

    migueldemesa robot_chicken_66

    I could go on forever, but... I can't :) If I missed you, post here and I will acknowledge you for what you have helped me with :)

    Okay, so I'm holding a party NOW on smp6, residence 13069! Come quickly, or I'll be gone and you'll find yourself... alone!


    P.S This is also an Ask Me Anything, lawl.
    P.P.S Sorry for going on with the thanks as if I'm dying.
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  2. Thanks! :) Its nice meeting you! ;)
  3. Yay im in there. :)
  4. Yeah :p
  5. Awww thanks madi!
  6. Congratz Miss Madison! Too bad I got banned.... Wish I could join Empire Minecraft again! Occasionally browsing through posts and I happened to come across this one! Hope you enjoyed Empire Minecraft!