100,000 Rupee Haiku Contest! [Winner has been selected!]

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  1. Congrats to the winner of the contest, and 100,000r, HylainNinja!
  2. We craft all day long,
    For the survival of EMC,
    EMC is the best ever

    PS:I counted EMC as 1 syllable.
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  3. In the forest near,
    Crackles of Flame touch down here,
    Burnt in agony...
  4. Raw meat overflow
    Where is refrigerator
    Doesn't exist; SPOIL
  5. They stalk me all day
    Them,Marlix and Momentus
    They will die tonight...
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  6. In the dark of Night
    The skeletons take flight
    It is time to fight
  7. Gathering by day
    Hiding from monsters by night
    Live the minecraft way
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  8. A quiet silent hiss
    That creepy moment of fear
    An explosion sounds.

    Don't know how much sense it makes.
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  9. A crackle from the trees,
    Through the pitch black they appear:
    A group of killer pigs...

  10. There is a great blast
    Villagers flying upwards
    Ahhhhh, TNT fun
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  11. I call this one. Minecraft 1.2

    Cats cats cats cats cats
    Cats cats cats cats cats cats cats
    Cats cats cats Meow
  12. A hole must be dug,
    lets go find diamonds in the dust,
    Hurray five diamonds are found
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  13. The sun starts setting
    You hear a noise from behind
    The infamous hiss.
  14. A Creeper Is Seen
    We Are Off To Smp
    To Have lots Of Fun

    ;););) hehe
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  15. An eerie feeling
    Skeleton flying on bat?
    What has aikar done?
  16. EMC is home
    Where we hang out with our friends
    And escape real life
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  17. Block by block, create.
    Elude the creeper I must.
    Empire or bust.
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  18. En el Imperio
    felices jugadores
    comen pasteles
  19. Vita est brevis
    Vita quoque est bona
    Eam vivete!
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  20. Those gosh darn creepers
    blowing up our treasured builds
    Despise their nature
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