[10 ways to die by bagels] Made when I was 12 ...

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  1. I was going through random things on my computer today to find this... masterpiece I made 3 years ago. Back then I had uploaded it to youtube only to find one of the wonderful 'I H7 THIS VID U R...' and was thoroughly distraught enough to remove it. Today I have realized, I must share this video with you all. 10 8 ways to die by bagels... enjoy...

    [WARNING] Red paint meant to look like blood [extremely minor]

  2. Will watch soon...
  3. You made this when you were 12.....
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  4. There goes 2 minutes of my life...
  5. That was....beautiful.
  6. Bagel - 1000 years later. BagelBagelBagel
  7. Lol
    *super bagel comes down and crushes someone then flies away*
  8. Great Vids to The MAX :p The funny thing is that I am likly to make a Bagel video and i am 15 xD
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  9. BTW have any spare head i could have for my hall of heads? I like your skin
  10. Sure, come to smp2
  11. 2 minutes of my life completely changed my perspective of this world :O
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  12. Excuse me while I go get some bagels, and then accidently run in front of a bus.
  13. Are you sure you were 12?

    Anyways, if you were going for the "I hate this video!" then you did a great job! I give you:

    EDIT: Even if you made the video, since it was uploaded to youtube technically the legal owners of "The Bagel Song" own the video.