10 Tips for Avoiding Viruses

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  1. Don't you hate those moments when you get a virus?

    Follow my 10 tips and be almost virus free.

    1. Avoid adds like "You have 1 new prize" or "Take our survey to blah blah blah"
    2. Internet Explorer... Just don't use Internet Explorer.. (Use Google Chrome or Firefox)
    3. Do not click any of the adds on the Adfly page (or any download page).. Click the skip in the top-right after 5 seconds (In Adly's case only)
    4. Download AdBlock
    5. The second you sense there is a virus on your computer, pull the power cable out immediately. After re-booting, go to your start-up applications list and find anything that looks suspicious (Don't delete the windows ones) then disable it and right-click and find "go to file location" and delete all the files in that location. (Losing two hours of work is better then $100+ or your whole computer)
    6. When deciding which download link to use, hover over all of them while looking in the bottom-left.
    If the link shown is somewhere not related to the site, don't click it. If it is a link related to the site, chances are it's the right one.
    7. Avoid weird logos and/or text descriptions.
    8. Avoid links that are down. If a download link is down, do not try to find the direct link because most of the time it is down for a reason.
    9. You don't need any of those expensive anti-virus softwares.. Just use windows defender.
    10. After getting rid of the virus, use windows defender and do a quick or full scan depending on how much time etc you have.

    By the way, it is not my fault if you break your computer trying to do these steps :p