10 Subs DP at 704 and Promos!

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Will you subscribe?

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  1. *READ* THE RES IS 706, NOT 704!

    Recently, myself and lllllchrislllll have started a new YouTube channel, based on PVP and the EMC servers. We would like to say, if we reached 10 subscribers by the end of today, we will host a DP, dropping all sorts of wonderful items and goodies. We already have 6 subs, so its not going to be hard to gain 4 more. We are hoping to fill the SMP1 server with people from all over the EMC community.
    We hope you enjoy it and we hope you get good items, ill announce when the DP will start.

    Our YouTube channel is called: EMCJCInc, we have an Enchanting Shop for PVP on SMP6 @ 12063 based on the PVP arena.


    Copy and paste that link into your search bar to find our channel, and simply hit 'Subscribe' then wait for the news that we will be starting!

    Thanks a lot guys and I hope to see you have subscribed and attend the DP!

    Also, we will give away a simple 5k as a donation.

    It doesn't matter if you don't subscribe to us and attend, but we hope you do as it is fair :)

    Thanks a bunch everyone.

    JCInc Owners,
    kingcam456 & lllllchrislllll#
  2. Starting in 5 minutes!