10,000 rupee mark party in 2-3 weeks on smp2.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by keyblade18, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. hey guys its me keyblade18 im just setting up this thread to get some peeps like u guys to come to my res on smp2 thats res 3829 as im about to hit my 10,000r mark and im at 7,400 now so in 2-3-4 weeks when i hit that mark im having a huge party right when i set it all up that im gonna let last a week. im gonna set up some pillars with ladders for people to have turns for a drop party and il do a small i game where i hide around town,give u clues of where i am and possibly we go to the wildernes a giant group to slaughter monsters.
    so if u guys can prepare yourselfs for my giga-party that would be good also a give away game.
  2. Congrats keyblade, hope you can hit my 100k mark :) !
  3. Congrats hope you can hit my 200k mark!
  4. yeah thanks guys but do u guys wanna come to the party? everyone welcome :D
  5. :confused: . Good job buddy!
  6. ok well are u in pateraterick
  7. <picture says it all
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  8. what?
  9. My profile pic
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  10. oh well then welcome abord dwight!
  11. what time of day is it?
  12. well dogsrnice its an entire week full of partying so if u miss one bit enjoy the next
  13. I'll be coming for sure I'm a party animal (seriously look at my skin, I'm a cat)
    I'm also trying to hit 20k
    So good luck and expect me there to
  14. awesome so thats about 7 peeps i got on board :D
  15. I'm in! btw...... DOGSRNICE
  16. ok sow thats awesome but i dont know wether to consider the dogsrnice part as spam in my thread or something else?..... anyways welcome aboard erich141
  17. I typed dogsrnice because dogs r nise. ;D And yay. lol