1 Year Supporter Subscriptions

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  1. I was wondering, if it is possible to purchase 1 Year Supporter Subscriptions. Should I just buy 2 Bulk Supporter Subscriptions? Use manual payment? Is there a way?
  2. Just pay for supporter and cancel it after 12 months...
  3. So a subscription lasts forever and you can cancel it whenever?
  4. So a subscription lasts forever and you can cancel it whenever?
  5. The way I understand it is that supportership will automatically renew (for the same price each month) every month, and when you want to stop, you just cancel.
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  6. Let's say you want Diamond Supporter, which is $20 per month. Every month Starlis will deduct $20 from your account in order for you to remain supporter, until you press "cancel subscription" on the upgrades.emc.gs page.

    So, for a whole year, the charge would be $240.

    EDIT: What Calamochus said.
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  7. So it is per month, if you buy 1 Bulk Gold Supporter (x6), it lasts for 6 months?
  8. The bulk subscription is for VOUCHERS, which have to be redeemed to Community Managers for them to work. The easiest way is just to buy a subscription.
  9. So the bulk is purchasing 6 vouchers, and they get redeemed every month?
  10. Yes, you have to PM a Community Manager. I sent a PM to the CM's and my account was diamond.
    And I got back: