1 Year of EMC

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  1. Hello all, I would like to start of by saying thank you for giving me such a fun year and thank you to everyone who has helped me to have such fun and may this not end for a long time. So with that out of the way I would like to say that after months of planning and building I am having a grand opening of my new shop at 3046 on SMP2 I will be planning on having some activities so I would like as many of you as possible on there to see me latest creation. in about 50 Minutes from now at 5pm GMT.

    Hope to see you all there and thanks for the great year.
    P.S Can you please reply to this thread if you are attending.
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  2. I would attend but can't, I don't have access to a computer right now :(
  3. i MIGHT be there. i have stuffz to do :p
  4. Screenshots? Oh yeah and I almost forgot... Congrats on being on the best Minecraft server for an entire year! :D
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  5. yep and we have spent all day since like 11am(GMT) trying to get it all ready just making the final preps for it now
  6. Thanks Stads wish you were there and I will post screenshots soon as soon as I have done the finished touches :D but for those attending thank you for your support :D
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  7. Thanks, I can't wait to see the screenshots ;)
  8. 2012-11-10_16.45.03.png 2012-11-10_16.45.03.png 2012-11-10_16.43.12.png
    Here you go Stads here are those images you have requested :D

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  9. erm no its been 366 days now (couldnt get on yesterday
  10. biscuit that is the join date for the forums