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  1. Hey everyone, so in around 6 days, it will be 1 year since i first joined EMC. I was wondering if i should make a party to celebrate? or not bother since i dont have any ideas. If you do have an idea though, feel free to share it! :p
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  2. Do what you want to do, just don't get banned

    ~Foxy 2016
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  3. I'll donate some stuff for a drop party, or TNT for an some explosions XD
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  4. I think we all know I'm not very good at that :D
  5. Oh my! Early congratz on 1 year! Honestly i have no idea on anything for a party, but you should throw one. It would be so much fun! :)
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  6. Congrats, on your first year!:D
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  7. That's not a bad idea, we could try that maybe :p
  8. Thank you <3
  9. If i have some time i might plan something! Thank you <3
  10. I actually haven't got to talk extensively to other members of EMC including yourself, so I wouldn't know. If you have a party, I can get to meet you I guess :p
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