1 year Anniversary and my AMA

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  1. Alright guys, so next Friday is my one year anniversary of EMC. I am trying to accomplish 2 things.

    1: Get 133,337r (I'm at 123,598r)
    2: Say hello to as many players as possible (I am literally going to server bounce and just copy paste /tell ____ hi to every player in the server. I will make a list of everyone I say hi too :p Aiming for 10k, probably not even going to hit 1 or 2k)
    3: Let you guys know anything and everything about me

    So, for you guys to know me, ASK AWAY!
  2. Hey, its nice to see a player whose been on the server for a whole year now. Great job. How many people have you said hi to currently?
  3. None. The hi project will start tomorrow at around 3:30 or 4:00
  4. KIRBY! <3

    Making me feel nostalgic for super star ultra now :3
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  5. This means that my character is 72 Minecraft Years old next Friday! Oh em gee, I'm going senile!
  6. I think I'm legitimately the third or fourth oldest nonstaff member.
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  7. I love kirby. <3 :)
  8. If that means that you are 72 years old in Minecraft, I must be...........O-O old!

    Happy Birthday Kirby!
  9. Nah, loads of others, just not active ;) To name a few active: Me, Hash98, Eclipsys, TheHoke88, darkmajor, and zSlumDog. Sorry to burst your bubble, but 'grats :)
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  10. Well, that's 6. So I'd be 7th with that list. And you guys are all only like 380, 390, so I'm not too far behind. And hash, 1 IRL year = 72 Minecraft years, so 1 day in real life is 72 days in Minecraft, so if your 400 days old, then you're about 79.
  11. hmm i dont know about one oth oldest, but anyway my 1 year is 1 day before your it think or maybe same day
  12. Your one year anniversary is in February...I meant one year anniversary of EMC, not Minecraft in general
  13. Yea 365 days of emc...do/p Me
  14. Cool, I am over 400 so probably be in the 80's.
  15. Since your telling everyone Hi, I'll tell you Hi!

    Hi Kirby! Happy anniversary!:)
  16. *Cough* One day older *cough*
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  17. Hi TPthere! So anyone have any questions?
  18. Question! Is the 133,337 from youtube?
  19. Is the world going to end in December because my yogurt expires in January?