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  1. Hey everyone! Last night struck 1 week for my time here on EMC! You can read my little backstory and expierences in the first spoiler, or jump right to the goodies and inventory in the second spoiler. Enjoy. :)

    So how did I end up here on EMC? A buddy and I (Yallquit on EMC) had just got back into MC, we invested about 4-5 days into another server and had gotten such amazing progress. However someone along the line things got messy. Yallquit was out and about with a lot of our stuff and got killed due to some admin power tripping, he was to far out and we lost all of our stuff, the staff declined to return the items we lost so we left.

    We found EMC on a top of a server list somewhere, I don't even remember where at this point. When we first logged on Yallquit sadly had to go, has classes Mon-Wed. So I wondered EMC aimlessly and cluelessly until I bumped into a good friend NZScruffy. He answered every little question I had no matter how dumb it was, even though I later found out I could have just read the dang instructions, he still was so helpful and patient with me. It was then that I knew I was staying here for good!

    I want to think that I have progressed quite well in a short amount of time. I had a pretty sweet house going on like day 2, I got my first promo item on day 3, I bought a ton more promo items on day 4 I believe (got addicting quick, collecting them).

    Made a good grip of money from 2 Empire Assistants, it's long and complicated but the short version is, there is 2 different Empire Assistants and one of which isn't obtainable anymore, lot of people don't know that still I think. Anyway that's off topic, I hit 500k 2 days ago but spent 280k yesterday on moving land around and getting sr mod services such as biome changes. Thanks to the amazing BigDavie for taking over an hour of his time to help us get everything sorted with that.

    Currently? Yallquit and I have huge plans for SMP5, most of which we will keep posting up about here when we get closer to the finish on it, that is if anyone is interested in the following of seeing progression through the start to finish.

    /p SnowyBearr


    Vault: Dragon Poop, IcecreamCow Skin, IcecreamCow Flesh, Haunted Head, Maxarian Head, Magical Eggcellent Wand, Labor Bench, Vault Voucher, Stable Voucher, Empire Firework, Cupid's Bow, Lucky Bow, Turkey Slicer, Ore Buster, Holiday Pick, 4 complete and unused sets of starter including the horse egg unused and manual for getting started. 11x original Empire Assistants and 6x the current ones. That little head in the bottom corner is interesting because it's just a Steve head and the name of it is "Head" I got it from when I had my house copy/pasted which I think is the only way to get one of them, so that was 100k well spent. o_o

    My house (still need to finish inside a bit)

    Yallquit's house

    Start of something sweet

    Hangin with Aikar :D

    Thanks to everyone that has made the last week so much fun, the people we have met already, the community and support of new blood, it's all been amazing and I know Yallquit is equally impressed and as thrilled as I am about it all. :)

    Here's to many many more weeks to come!

    Come visit us at /v 11196 smp5 :)
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  2. How did you make soooo much rupees?
  3. Mentioned it in the first spoiler, the original empire assistants. Other then me I only know of 1 other person who owns any, other then the ones I have sold. Super rare, sells for cash money. :3

    Edit: Would like to mention though that the rest of the ones I have I am not selling but giving away to firstly museums in EMC if they want them, then to personal collectors that I know. If anyone is a collector let me know via PM or in-game and I will add ya to the list. Whatever I have left is first come first serve. :)
  4. Original empire assistants look like... What?
    Becuz the only empire assistant I have seen is a compass.
    And if you mean cash money as in real life money, that's not allowed on EMC
  5. Icon is the same, lore text is different. And no of course not, why would I want to sell items for money. ^_^
    Rupees only, I was only using the term cash money to imply lots of rupees hehe.
  6. How do you get em?
    There used to be empire assistants before?
  7. If you ever need help... look for me (or my imagery alt = SKgamerLP)
  8. You can PM me about specifics, I don't really want to further derail the topic, it's about my 1 week not about an item. :p

    Thanks will do! <3
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  9. wow, after 1 week on emc i had... erm trees?
  10. Happy first week!

    Those heads labeled "Head" are actually worth less than regular player heads. If someone sold that to you for 100,000 rupees, they just scammed you. These heads aren't obtainable, but any head placed before the most recent update of Minecraft, even though EMC wasn't updated to it, got changed to those Steve heads. I have 12 of them on one of my properties.
  11. or because he's got some alts :p nah, but its easy to earn rupees.
    but my question is if you're only a week old, how did you get your hands on OLD assistant things, i don't even remember them.... and how'd you even get them without paying out the butt for them?
  12. There was an assist item before the one's released recently? :confused:
  13. that is what he's saying, i don't at all remember that.. and i've been here for over 2 years.. so, it wasn't during my 2 years here, then it was before... and how would someone 1 week old, get their hands on a legit one without paying a ton for it...
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  14. The "old" empire assistants are the bugged ones with different lore, or text that were only available for 40 minutes after release, they were fixed after that and the text was changed a bit.
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  15. We'll, congrats on one week.. I'm glad yall enjoy it here! :D
  16. oh, you mean the same release time as the others? just, right before the correct ones? then that makes sense xD
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  17. Well, looks like we have another eclipsys here >.>
  18. Wow amazing dude! Seems that you have enjoyed EMC and are very good at making cash and building! Hope that in the near future you will set up a building company for I would love you to make a cool house for me :D