1 Million Texp'ers are going away!

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  1. First we lost Rtardo than we lose leowaste but he still logs in to keep it up i guess. and than pengw3n well i don't know much of what happened there and now we lost Dubzy1 :/ Also when will the monthly Texp be reset its been there since last month lol
  2. Not you penguin i said pengw7n
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  3. lol sorry i replied on my other account ooops
  4. I imagine they get bored and that's why they stop. I mean, I grind a lot, and I don't get anywhere close to those kinds of numbers, but even so, I still get sick of it sometimes. Unless they are cheating, in which case they get banned...
  5. I agree with Margaritte. They must get tired killing mobs all day . . .
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  6. I just passed 700k lifetime xp, yep it does get boring so now I just enchant stuff that I am going to use.
  7. I know... just do not get the post...
  8. I don't know how to explain it buddy :/ it just mean what it says it means you know what i mean?
  9. :confused:
  10. The monthly TEXP has reset, that's why Dubzy and Leo aren't there. They're still on the lifetime TEXP. Not sure why I'm at 680k still though ahaha.
  11. Basically all the people who spent hours grinding out Mobs and getting to the top of the TEXP list are leaving EMC and falling lower in ranks.
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  12. Meh, people come and people go, nothing to worry about.
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  13. dubzy is not there on lifetime anymore i moved up since hes not there.
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