1 Million Rupee Drop Party Picture Thread

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  1. Just a thread to post pictures of what you won.
  2. Burn... so much burn.

    AKA, the slots were full. I know how idiotic I sound, I'm just really ticked off that I didn't make it in time.
  3. got some good suff untitled.GIF soz for my messed up pics lol
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  4. Pft- moochers. Haha. I'm gonna continue shovelin' my sand.
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  5. 2012-10-13_15.22.05.png
    Everyone is lining up to turn in their written book and claim a prize!
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  6. I missed it.......
  7. Well- if anyone wants to sell stuff go to 6027 :p
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  8. texture pack : Rustica
    Picture of: lots a peepz at the drop party

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  9. 2012-10-13_15.58.17.png
    I FOUND SANTA :rolleyes:
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  10. What texture pack is that? It looks awesome!
  11. Sphax PureBD =]
  12. Thanks.
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  13. Np! Maker sure you get the recommended version (unless your comp is awesome.)
  14. server was full when I tried to join
  15. I missed it... I had other things to do. :(
  16. Missed it, I didnt know what time to come on :(
  17. I wanted to come but was like 2am for me :(