1 incitatus egg

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  1. starting bid: 30k
    min bid increase : 1k
    pickup: 15051 (smp7)
    the auction ends 24 hrs after the last valid bid
  2. what are the stats?
  3. idk a surprise i think there good tough
  4. This auction is invalid I think, isn't it that you can only auction 10 horse eggs at once or is this an EMC special item :p
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  5. This is an EMC Special Item I think because it was the 2 year promotion :D Joshrocks may I please ask if it is inside the egg or not? Can you please post a photo of the egg and what it says please :) Thanks!
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  6. I'm pretty sure all stats have to be listed. :p
  7. If its
    in egg it will say "speed of a cheetah" on the egg and if it does it is very valuable :p
  8. Ohhhh :p I knew that
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  9. Or, you can do /horse. :p
  10. look its in the egg I'm really far out in the nether atm so plz just bid
  11. We cant bid until we know whats on the egg, if it says "speed of a cheetah" its worth 10-20k and if it says all the stats its worth less than 10k from what i have seen
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  12. i dont know i think it could be valid if it has not been spawned yet ask a admin
  13. It's still an Incitatus. Incitatus is a promo whether or not he's been spawned, the only difference is the amounts of money people will pay for him. 15ish w/ lore and less than 10k w/o lore :)
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  14. NVM the aug is cancalled
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