1 DC of snow balls

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  1. Item: Snow balls
    Start Bid: 1r
    Min bid increase: 100r
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last valid bid!
  2. Yes, i can finally have that snowball fight. 1 r
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  3. that bid isn't valid
  4. It is
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  5. Min bid increase: 100r doesn't that mean it starts at one but you have to increase it by 100?
  6. Yeah, and he started at 1
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  7. Really?! rude!!!!! jk :p
  8. ok I'm out :(
  9. Auction over
  10. I will buy for 500 if u get another
  11. Ok well, it all was from when i got rid of my snow floors/ground
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  12. i already paid you. were will get the snowballs
  13. You could get them at my res on smp5
  14. were in your res? i can't find them XD