1 DC of obsidian needed

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  1. Hello, all. I am in need of a double chest of obsidian for a massive gold farm. As many of you know, the 1.7 update contains the ability to make very large portals, making portal gold farms much more efficient. I am currently low on rupees, I am at 3k. :( As the jug supply company gets in its feet, I will have some more money, but here is my deal: You can make an offer, it needs to be fairly cheap, (does not have to be <3k) or you can give me the obsidian and I will allow you to use the farm as well as a witch farm, and an iron farm out in a wild base. It produces about 800-900 gold nuggets per hour. That's a lot of gold. The witch farms produce 1 stack of redstone blocks, and 9 stacks of glowstone dust for about 8 afk hours. The iron farm does the same. Post below or pm me with your offer. Thanks!

    ~ boozle628
  2. Ill give you a dc for 10k and access
  3. Could you do 6k and access? I am about to get to 6k with the supply company
  4. the best I could do is 8 right now
  5. Okay. I will gather up 8k rupees. Once I have payed and received the obsidian, I will PM you regarding the location.

    The deal is still up for grabbs if anyone wants to provide for a cheaper price.
  6. Thanks to netherworld666 as he provided 1 DC for free with access. :D
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