1 DC of Netherbrick

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Do you want more netherbricks?

Poll closed Jan 13, 2015.
Yes 1 vote(s) 33.3%
No 2 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. 1 Full DC of netherbrick.

    Starting price: 1.5k
    Min. Increment: 100

    Ending: 24 hours after last valid bid.

  2. Actually, I'd like to withdraw my bid. On the grounds that the auction title says "Nether Brick" but the image is not of item "Nether Brick," it is showing item "NethBrick".
  3. Nethbrick? They have the same name but your bid has been withdrawn.
  4. It's called nether brick the block is called nether brick block
  5. So im right?
  6. I think we're both right and just talking about different things.

    You may have used the item description for your auction title, rather than the item name. This isn't unreasonable and I think is usually the common preference.

    And I'm also right because I'm speaking of the official item Name as it appears on /iteminfo and shop signs. "Nether Brick" is the item I wanted and believed was for auction.

    Here is the info for the two items in discussion:

    (for auction)
    Name: Nethbrick
    ID: 405
    Shop Sign: Nethbrick
    Tool tip: "Nether Brick"

    (what I though was for auction)
    Name: Nether Brick
    ID: 112
    Shop Sign: Nether Brick
    Tool tip: "Nether Brick"

    So both items show the hover text "Nether Brick" which is really confusing! I believed the auction was for the item named "Nether Brick". I'm guessing this won't be the last time this causes confusing for players :)

    Good luck!
  7. Oh okay
  8. Auction Cancelled.
  9. Cancelled?!... I should have bid
  10. 2k just in case
  11. I will sell it to you just pay me and I will make a pickup chest
  12. I dont think you can just cancel it.
  13. Okay just wait 24 hours
  14. You have won please pay then I will setup the pickup chest!
  15. Nit picky lol
  16. Ze7707 you are paid let me know where to pick up the goods :)
  17. FYI, you are not allowed to post to an auction unless bidding. I see that you are not bidding.