[1 Day Auction] 1 Beacon [BS Co.]

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  1. Items:
    1 Beacon
    Starting Bid: 7 k
    Min. Bid Increments: 100 rupees
    End Time: 24 hours after the first bid
    Additional Information:
    Pickup is at /v brickstrike.
    If you do not pickup this item within 32 hours of winning, I have the right to re auction/ sell, regardless if payment has been received or not.
  2. Bumpers :p
    16 hours~ left till auction is over
  3. You're allowed to re auction/sell things when people don't pick them up for a certain time?
  4. 9.2k

    Looking in the rules, it states that you're expected to pay for it 48 hours after winning it. I would assume that if the auction winner paid for it before the 32 hours are up, he did pay for the rights of the item, and so brickstrike wouldn't be able to resell or reauction. However, if brickstrike perhaps moves the pick-up limit time thing back to 48 hours, and if the auction winner didn't pay before then, I'm assuming THEN brickstrike would be able to reauction/resell it.
  5. Yes, it isn't specified I can't do that but I feel that if I don't it could be picked up at unreasonable times... Speaking from experience :3
  6. Bump!
    5 hours~ until auction is over!
  7. clarification: you have to give the auction winner 48 hours to pay and pickup any time past that point you can start a convo with any active staff member and they will tell you how to proceed with the items
  8. Ooooh... Ok, next auction I'll just leave that part out :p
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  9. You have won this auction!
    Please send payment and an access chest will be provided at /v brickstrike.
  10. Ok I'll do it now
  11. Payment has been received.
    The access chest has been set up at /v brickstrike on smp1. :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.