#1 Best Seed ever : EmpireMinecraft 5 Diamonds from a singlen chest!

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  1. Use the seed
    and you will get 5 diamond!
    The village is located to the North West of the spawn (follow the cows to get there).
    There is also a well close to the village.
    That's is all the seed have!
    Hope you enjoy, pateraterick here!
    Like if you must!
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  2. EmpireMinecraft FTW!
  3. Awesome! Question what are those buttons in your inventory?
  4. Convenient Inventory Mod. Sorts items in your chests for you. :)
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  5. Achievement get!
    Liked by ICC !
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  6. Thanks! Is it EMC allowed?
  7. Yes sir, don't try to get me banned :p! Btw, It is called inv tweaks !
  8. I wasn't and thanks I'm gonna get it! It looks cool and can't harm to try it ;)