1.9 voters armor buff

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  1. with 1.9 around the corner i can expect that a lot of people are mad or very happy

    1.9 nerfes armor so bad the durability is almost nonexistent and leather does almost nothing -_-
    but wait y is this so important you may ask well.....

    voters armor is leather.... tho it is unbreakable it will do almost no protection because of the nerf
    there are 2 solutions (actually there a lot more but these 2 seem the best in my eyes)

    and notice this is my opinion :p (u don't say) and i accept your criticism with open arms .

    1 give the leather armor a higher protection enchantment (i like this 1 way more)

    2 make it iron with all the normal enchants :D

    also if i misspelled anything or had bad grammar do not correct me that is like my pet peeve and it is annoying as heck :D thanks

    also.... Remember! Reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram BUY GOLD BYEEE!

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  2. It would be great if we could get better voters armor, but we'll find out what they have in mind. There have been a few threads recently about new vote items, and in the most recent one, we were told that the staff already have new items picked out.

    Anyway, love the quote!