1.9 Update? Food Bar sucks! Endermen are scary as hell!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by tato505, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Basicly the topic lolz :cool:
  2. Personally, i am not so excited about 1.9, i HATEEEE food bar, and yes... ENDERMAN ARE SCARY AS HELLL.... and also...... got any funny stories about endermen?
  3. one time i was fighting an ender and he picked up a grass block and killed me instantly kinda disappointing ._.
  4. well.. that is the point of this update.. i am sorry, but i think foodbar is quite cool, and compare to enderman in 1.8 i perfer the 1.9 one. XD
  5. i feel like.. someone dug up an old topic. lol.
  6. The old endermen were easy to kill (when they first came) Now they're horrible D:
  7. Yeah i agree, I'm not game enough to take pumpkin off my head in "the end."
  8. I have killed the Ender Dragon twice, IN CREATIVITY!!