[1.9] Translocators

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  1. In 1.9 there is a piston bug that basically makes a regular piston pull an entity. So many technical players love these things and even the devs are on opposite sides of one another to who agrees and who doesnt agree they should stay.

    Here is some cool things you can do with them.

    Have you guys messed around with these yet? Thoughts? Do you think they should stay?
  2. All that might lag out or crash my minecraft xD
  3. It doesnt in SP so in a server(a more powerfull computer) wont crash(but maybe it will cause lag

    I say Leave it unitl mojang dev decide what are going to do(if it doesnt cause some mayor issue or tps loss)
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  4. I'm not suggesting it be removed on emc at all... was asking opinion of the devs at mojang which don't know what to do about it.... and I hate typing on mobile...
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  5. I hope they leave it. It gives a lot of great new options on farms. None of them seemed overly "OP", just cool and handy.
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