1.9 the combat update. Will it come on emc soon?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SteveClasher, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I was wondering if 1,9 would come soon to emc.
  2. Is it even released yet?
  3. Once 1.9 is released, it will... Why wouldn't it? :p
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  4. It's still in really early development.
  5. The nub knows #NubKnows
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  6. When it's properly released, Aikar will likely clean it up, make sure there's no bugs and make sure it fits EMC, and then it will come to the Empire, like with all previous updates. :p
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  7. Well we now have 4 developers so we do have a chance at it coming out weeks after the update. :)
  8. 1.9 isn't even close to being out, but it's likely to be a fairly quick update for EMC once it is. :) 1.9 adds a lot of new features, unlike 1.8, which screwed around with a bunch of code changes that result in a long time in between 1.8's release and 1.8's release on EMC.
  9. Wait there's 4 developers now? :eek:
  10. Yes, there are four developers:
  11. Just said a congratz to BreezyMan :)
  12. Yes you have Aikar, chickeneer, MrSocks75, and BreezyMan.
  13. Chickeneer has been a developer since about January just to let you know.
  14. Hopefully it will be quite a while. PvP will change drastically with 1.9, and in a negative way, I fear.
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  15. It will come to EMC once 2.0 comes out. Jk.
  16. thats what I was thinking at first :p