[1.9] [Resource Pack] AnyPack Optimizer - Better GUIs, Fonts, Block Models, OpenIcons, and more!

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    AnyPack Optimizer is an optimization pack that can be installed above any existing resource packs, that makes the entire Minecraft experience better - it includes Better GUIs (for pretty menus), OpenIcons (like emoji, in chat), Better Fonts (for easy reading), and even more useful additions!

    It also includes the Iconn software, which allows you to paste custom icons into the game that only people with Anypack Optimizer can see. Iconn also handles installation and updating of Anypack Optimizer, to make sure you're always on the latest version of the resource pack!

    AnyPack Optimizer 1.6.1 & Iconn 1.6 [6/27/2016]

    You'll find an Install button inside of the latest Iconn software. Clicking this button will auto-magically download the latest version of Anypack Optimizer straight to your Minecraft directory for you!


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  2. Downloading...this looks great.
  3. Is this your mod?

    If so, great job!
    This looks awesome! Getting it now!
  4. Cant seem to make it work...some help in installing?
  5. It's a resource pack that can be combined with other resource packs, if you think it is a mod.
  6. Yea ik its a resource pack and i have no others installed rn...did it work for you?
  7. Do you have it in the active resource packs bar, above any other texture packs?

    Also, are you on 1.8?
  8. Yes and yes.
  9. Make sure it's above any other resource packs you're using. It does not change most individual textures - it is an optimization pack that works with any resource packs. Also, can you take some screenshots of your setup and of Town Spawn?
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  10. Should I unpack the compressed file or leave it?
  11. Just leave it
  12. Alright, thanks.
  13. Thank you For The Resource Pack. using it now. The clear Windows are great, especially for Mobarena
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  14. Thanks for posting. Lovin it! Clear glass.... so much lovin.
  15. I will definitely have to try this pack. :)
  16. I've used it for 15 seconds and can already tell it's staying. :)
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  17. Installed and staying. Love the clear glass and the blue experience bar. Great job salesman. :)
  18. Just a suggestion: Add a 3d texture for vines if possible. Noticed that wasn't 3d.
  19. Hey, I just saw this on MCF (I saw it here before but didnt feel like installing it... lol)....

    This looks great!