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  1. When will the emc become available to 1.8 since it's just Beene eleased
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  2. Not for quite a long time, unfortunately
  3. Backing up what Alex said. The one thing I remember Aikar saying on his recent livestream was that the development process for 1.8 won't even start until Minecraft is available for Linux. Then you've got updating the server software and plugins. So it'll be a little while. But it'll be worth the wait! :)
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  4. Yup I've just made a thing of 1.8 new stuff planning to do a vid on it tonight
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  5. Awesome!
  6. Woke up at the usual 5:30 to play and couldn't log in to EMC...says out of date server...I just updated my end with 1.8...love the granite and a few other goodies so far but like to play on EMC...what's up????
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  7. I've got the same problem! I'm breaking out in a sweat cuz I have a Raffle at 8PM! :(
  8. The raffle must go on :)
  9. It will go on even if I end up just doing it in the forum post! Im gonna cry in a minute! Its my Birthday and I wanna play on the Empire boo hoo! :(:mad:
  10. Go into your launcher settings, and change minecraft version from 1.8 back to 1.7.x then log in :)
  11. You have no idea how happy you have made me! lmao! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! :)
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  12. Glad to be of assistance, and you're very welcome :)
  13. Coooool! Just played a bit of 1.8, and they added Spruce Doors, Acacia Doors, and so on! So cool!

  14. Glad to know it's not being rushed out. Nothing worse than trying to play on a buggy update with busted plugins and a chat screen flooded with complaints scrolling by at warp 9!
  15. Sure is!
  16. I do record u don't do latest version cuz it scares u else xD
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  17. Luka also I've tried 1.8 it's probably really buggy for most of minecraft so first Mojang got to fix the oringinal bugs before EMC could even add it
  18. It works fine for me lol and I was just curious
  19. EDIT: Ninja'd

    Just quit minecraft, open it again, click "Edit Profile" then click the "Use Version" dropdown menu and choose Release 1.7.10 . DONE!
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