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  1. Hey guys! How are people playing on 1.8? How do snapshots work?
  2. The latest snapshot is pretty awesome, besides all the new gameplay features there are a bunch of performance increases to boost FPS.
  3. How do snapshots work? How do I use them?
  4. 1. Open Launcher
    2. New Profile
    3. Enable snapshot / experimental versions of minecraft
    4. Select 14w31a or whatever the most recent one is
    5. Profit?
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  5. In the Launcher, click edit profile, check the box that says "enable experimental versions" then click on the one you want. Very simple.
  6. What I'd advise doing is clicking the Play Most Recent Version button. Then, if you plan on playing 1.8, you just allow experimental versions to play the latest snapshot, and when you want to go back to EMC, just unable it and it will automatically take you to 1.7.10. This way, you don't have to go searching through the list for whatever version you want unless you play on a server that isn't yet running with 1.7.10. :)
  7. Sweet! Thanks