1.8 Wither Skeleton Effects?

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  1. Empire has recently update to 1.8. Withers have stopped spawning at my farm and I don't know why. I looked over the Internet and wither skeleton spawn areas stayed the same and no updates for them. Anyone know what happened?
  2. I think I recall Aikar saying something about how the way he did the update messed with the nether biomes a little bit. I think that somehow ended up being the case for everyone.
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  3. Every Mc update did this before, but I made some changes that anything generated in 1.8 should work in 1.9, but not like we can test it heh

    Hopefully it will be okay going forward
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  4. SgtPepper4 found we were having a similar issue at the Nether Hunting Grounds, and was able to fix it with help from JesusPower. Some screwy thing with light appearing even though there was no light source. Lots of the spawning areas suddenly had light level of 10+ for no reason. You may want to contact Pepper or Jesus on how to fix it.
    Actually, write it down so the rest of us know too please lol :)
  5. Basically, blocks of air were emitting light. I found them and built dirt into them.

    (I used the F3 debug info to track down the lights.)
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  6. Thanks, yes in f3 it says there is no light where there should be light but in some spots and some light in others. I think it was my farm design, made for 1.7 ( it was made over 2 yrs ago ). The Skeletons nee 3wide gap to spawn and I didn't have that. Maybe that was it or the lighting.