1.8 fix for iron and gold farms

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  1. Honestly I really don't get the 1.8 hysteria

    No more afk, oh boo hoo, big deal,

    Afk should not be part of minecraft anyways

    The fix

    Adjust your farms to 1 hit ko, and manually kill them

    I think u get xp also which is awsome

    And 1.8 is making iron golems spawn more reliable/ faster I think(correct me if I'm wrong)

    So there shouldn't be hysteria in the first place
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  2. thank you for saying this xD
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  3. i agree, i'm already pre-modifing my collection point in preparation of the 1.8 update. no big deal, we have to 1 hit blazes to get blaze rods, why should golems and pigmen be any different?
  4. Yep I'm looking forward to 1.8! :) I like the idea of everything apart from the enchanting stuff. :) but overall 1.8 is epic. :)
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  5. This is all true... or I would be removing farms from my business.
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  6. What about the enchanting stuff, because it's getting cheaper

    The thing I don't like is you have to enchant something to get a different enchantment