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  1. When that patch goes live, I am assuming the waste will get a reset. IF it gets reset what does that mean? Does it mean the seed will be reset back to its original chunks or does it mean there will be a new seed waste land? We have a strip mine with some nice goodies next door, so I was going to write down the X,Y,Z of the goodies so we can find them again, but if it is a new seed then the location will not matter. Or does reset mean something completely different, like a combination of the two?? Since there are new biomes I assume it will be a new seed...
  2. It will be completely new.
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  3. When it has been reset in the past it was an entirely new world, so I would assume that it would have a new seed, especially with all the new terrain updates.
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  4. Thanks! That was fast! Any idea when 1.7 will be live? I want to clear our stuff out of there.
  5. It releases Friday my brother just told me... But for Mojang I think they release around 4-6 am EST Friday

    EMC will take maybe a week to update or maybe more
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  6. U should never store stuff in the wastelands. Well it isnt recommended. :)
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  7. It is expected to be released on Friday or the weekend, but EMC won't update for likely a week or more due to plugin fixes and letting Mojang fix the bugs that always come with the update.
  8. Oh it's nothing, a few chests with extra cobblestone, a bed, torches, normal mining stuff. I might as well get it before it goes bye bye.
  9. Even if it were the same seed, the goodies would not be there because of the change in world generations. The number of possible biomes has more than doubled and the oceans have been shrunk so that the items would not even appear in the same area.. If you want an example, open your launcher and create a world with a particular seed in say Beta 1.5 and then change the jar to 1.3 or even the current of 1.6.4 and use the same seed.. The spawn points will be complete different, although they should spawn at the same or similar coordinates.. However, Aikar setup the outposts in the wastelands to auto-generate and connect to each other with a virgin world as it is quicker to delete the world and spawn a new one in its place and have the outposts auto-generate..
  10. Thanks for the info! But has any staff said 100% the waste will be reset? With all the new stuff coming, I don't see any chance of them not resetting the waste. I'm excited, it will be my first reset. :D
  11. ICC, Davie and Aikar have told me in IRC that the wastelands will all get reset but all of the frontier worlds will remain intact as they are now, we will just need to travel a little further out to get to the current generation in the frontier.. An easy way of finding this is looking at the live map, all of the black areas on the live map are unloaded chunks that have never been loaded in the world, they get loaded using the world seed with the client/servers current generation algorithms as soon as any player is within rendering distance (about 12-15 chunks is what I think it is for EMC which is about 200-250 blocks/meters). I believe that the information about the worlds has been posted on the forums, I will edit it in when I find it.. :)

    ..It took a little bit of searching to find something, but here is a quote from Bigdavie about 1.7:
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  12. Thanks Autumnrain26 for taking time to find that quote from Bigdavie! You rock! :D
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