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  1. I would love to know when the 1.7.2 update is coming out could someone tell me a guess of when it is coming out I would be dieing to know please respond to this ASAP
  2. There is only one person on EMC who can give a guess of that, and to be honest, not even he can be sure.
    We just have to wait it out and be patient.
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  3. EMC will update when it is ready. That is probably the best answer you can currently get.
  4. I say 5 days to 8 days left. This is only a guess. Aikar is the only person who could tell as the fact that he is the main coder for EMC.
  5. You have to take into account the loads of custom plugins that EMC has that need to be modified. We can't just update bukkit/spigot (well we do) but we also have to wait for our custom plugins to update and fix possible exploits or bugs. It can take time like 1.6 took a month but trust me the experience is well worth the wait :)
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  6. This will be shorter than 1.6 because ./stables was a huge issue and entities were a problems.
  7. Right, but it'll still take time. Things like customs mobs need to adjust to biomes and such.
  8. That is true. The mini-bosses are the only major issue i think. 1.7 just destroyed all progress on dragon tombs.
  9. I don't know. Hopefully by next Monday.
  10. Not really. Shouldn't be affected as the only part of dragon tombs that are in the overworld would be the portals.
  11. I can foresee EMC updating by the end of the week if aikar works hard at it, but who knows?
  12. I'm a little confused on that, the custom mobs simply replace random spawns in the wild, which for the most part has remained unchanged in 1.7. How does the new biomes affect that?
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  13. For example Momentus and Markix have a drawing in ability which would have to be adjusted probably for new biomes.
  14. For what reasons? Are some biomes more dangerous than others perhaps?
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  15. Haven't tried 1.7 yet but Marlix pulling you off a cliff doesn't sound right lol
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  16. Situational hazard lol
    Marlix has probably already pulled hundreds of players into ravines by now.
  17. I am probably guessing the update will be finished by the first weeks on November, although I am not a code wiz :p

    For now we just have to wait, sit, relax, and then do the same for a little later for Dtombs.
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